Akademikliniken Fellowship Programme

For many years, specialists and residents in plastic surgery have come to Akademikliniken for shorter or longer periods of time. This gave them the unique possibility to experience and appreciate the clinic’s vast knowledge and expertise in the field of plastic surgery.

Due to the excellent feedback we have received from former residents as well as the great interest shown from around the world, we have now decided to introduce a formal Fellowship Programme.

The Akademikliniken Fellowship Programme offers you the possibility to share the competence and learn from highly experienced specialists, both in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

As a fellow, you will scrub in and assist the senior surgeons in different types of operations on a daily basis. Moreover, you will be able to follow their consultations with patients and assist to non-surgical treatments. Research studies and scientific papers are common at Akademikliniken and you will take an active part in these projects too.

What we can offer you

We offer fellowship programs of the duration of three, six or twelve months, in which the fellow will take active part to all the above mentioned activities of the clinic: assistence and training in surgery, consultation and aesthtic medicine as well as partecipation in current research projects.

What we require from you

- You should be a resident or a specialist in plastic surgery in your home country
- A written application including CV and a personal letter with motivation
- A letter of recommendation
- You should be available to come for a one week visit/interview at Akademikliniken in Stockholm, for final selection among applicants.

For more information and applications, please contact via email Dr Paolo Montemurro who is in charge of the fellowship program at Akademikliniken paolo.montemurro@ak.se

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Nina Suvorov
Från: Slovenia
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:

Nina Suvorov – Fellowship

I was a fellow in AK for 3 months. From my career standpoint that was one of the best decisions I ever made. The volume and diversity of surgeries, well established techniques, patient handling - preoperatively, from arriving to the Operative room, getting anesthesia and all the way throughout the surgery to postoperative recovery - was extremely educational for me. In addition, seeing how to deal with complications when they happen and how skillfully the staff best approached and controlled them, was tremendous experience I could not have acquired anywhere else.
Simply put ….there is just no place like AK; where a visiting surgeon can get all that knowledge and skill in relatively short time; be part of the team - not just as an observer but as participating,  scrubbed surgeon - is an experience that should last for life .
AK has a great team of world renowned and leading plastic surgeons that share with every visitor all their knowledge and experience on daily basis and in exceptional and friendly manner.
I would highly recommend this fellowship to anybody that may need just a little initiative or reassurance in starting the solo career in aesthetic surgery.

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Stefano Avvedimento
Från: Italy
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:

Stefano Avvedimento – Fellowship

I am a Plastic surgeon from Italy and after my specialization I worked abroad in different settings. In 2014 I joined the Akademiklinken trough the 1 year fellowship programme. Here I had the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in the field and to be involved in research activities and clinical sessions. The huge amount of surgical cases that I have been exposed too along with the friendly environment make the Akademiklinken fellowship a unique experience and one of the best in the world. I am very thankful not only to the senior surgeons for their friendly mentorship, but also to all the staff that looked after me and made me fell at home.

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Champas Georgios
Från: Greece
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:

Champas Georgios – Fellowship

Akademikliniken‘s Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship is a very well organized and structured programme suitable for every Plastic Surgeon who wants to improve his surgical skills, expand his armamentarium in various aspects of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and learn about innovative procedures of his specialty.

The senior surgeons and teaching faculty is one of the best in the world, they are the mentors you have been looking for.

Working personnel treats everyone with respect and politeness. Colleagues and fellow doctors work together as a team.

There are of course long working hours but you will participate in a huge number of surgeries of every aspect of Plastic Surgery for the face and body, beyond the textbooks.

Akademikliniken’s famous “Breast Augmentation with implants” surgery is one of them.

Akademikliniken’s environment is ideal for newcomers and for those who want to experience an original taste of Swedish culture, not to forget that living in Stockholm for a few months is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Being one of the “Ak fellows” boosted my career in the private sector and i strongly recommend this Fellowship Programme for every Plastic Surgeon.

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Angelica Banu
Från: Romania
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:

Angelica Banu – Fellowship

I originally come from Sibiu, an old and beautiful city from Romania. I live in Bucharest where I have accomplished my training in Plastic Surgery at the Emergency Clinical Hospital Bucharest. I have been a specialist in Plasic and Reconstructive  Surgery for 4 years. I have worked as a specialist doctor at the Plastic Surgery Department Emergency Hospital Bucharest and at the MedLife Memorial Hospital (part time position).

Namn: Davide Forcellini
Från: Italien
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:

Davide Forcellini

Dear Akademikliniken,
Yesterday I came back from London and tomorrow I have to start to work again in Milan!

The experience at Akademikliniken was exceptional, it's a place where patients can find ALL kinds of treatments for their aesthetic  improvement (and not only!) all localized in the same clinic. People that work here (doctors, nurses, receptionists, secretaries, assistants...) are all kind, everytime smiling and  know completely  how to manage situations that occur in working daily life. Acceptance for foreign people that come to visit Akademikliniken is  full and respectful giving the opportunity to increase professional  skills through the information given by your staff.

Thank you again for accepting me, I hope to tell you soon if it will be possible for me to come again! Don't hesitate to contact me when you come to Italy.

Davide Forcellini

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Paolo Montemurro
Från: Italien

Paolo Montemurro – Fellowship

"Jag kom i kontakt med Akademikliniken 2007 då jag sökte efter en internationell klinik som hade möjlighet att ta emot gästkirurger under en längre period. Eftersom Akademikliniken håller utbildningar för kirurger över hela världen och har utvecklat en särskild metod för bröstförstoring, så det kändes som en unik möjlighet. Jag kontaktade Per Hedén som tyckte att jag skulle söka till deras Fellowship Programme.

I slutet av 2007 kom jag till Akademikliniken och samband med det började jag även ta svenskalektioner. Under ett års tid gick jag med Per Hedén, Ulf Samuelson, Jan Jernbeck och alla andra skickliga plastikkirurger på kliniken för att lära mig nya tekniker och metoder. Efter det började jag ta emot egna patienter och idag, 5 år senare, bor jag kvar i Sverige och arbetar heltid på Akademikliniken. Jag trivs jättebra!"

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Colin Riordan
Från: Irland
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:

Colin Riordan – Fellowship

"I qualified in Medicine from Trinity College Dublin in 1996. I trained first in General Surgery and subsequently underwent training in Plastic Surgery in Ireland, USA, UK and Sweden.  A desire to undergo a formal period of training in aesthetic plastic surgery in Sweden prompted me to apply to Akademikliniken for a fellowship (based on a recommendation of a colleague who had attended the Allergan Breast Academy in Stockholm).

From both an academic and personal level I could not recommend Akademikliniken any higher. I made many new friends and continue to work closely with Akademikliniken in connection with a partner clinic in Ireland."

Fellow at Akademikliniken

Namn: Pouria Moradi
Från: Australia
Utbildning på Akademikliniken:


Pouria Moradi – Fellowship

"AK provided me with the perfect ex- posure to aesthetic plastic surgery. Although the clinic has made an international reputa- tion on breast augmentation, as my logbook shows, the variety of cases plus operating with up to 9 different surgeons makes this a great aesthetic fellowship.

Quite recently, AK has decided to for- malize the fellowship and make it a paid 12 months program; however, the clinic will still take other applicants for shorter periods as unpaid fellows. My personal opinion is that 3 months is more than enough time due to the immense aesthetic workload of the clinic.

Overall, any time spent at AK is worthwhile, and among all the aesthetic fel- lowships offered, this one is a gem, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in aesthetic plastic surgery."